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Wednesday, 19 September 2012

Typical thing about Malaysian student :

1.  When lecturer not in class, gossip is the most important thing.

2.  Assignment diberikan awal sebulan, 3 hari due date, baru nak siapkan.
3.  During examination or test, they tried so hard to bring notes or 'toyol' in their pockets,  
     calculator, hand phones and pencil case.

4.  When have free time, they prefer watch movie than doing their assignment.
5.  When is cancel they are so happy about that and when the lecturer want to replace it, they
      they told ‘we don’t have free time’ or we didn’t find any free class.
6.  Study because they only want to get a job. Bukan mencari Redha Allah...
7.  Membaca buku(ilmiah,akademik,Al-Quran) bila perlu sahaja bukan menjadikan amalan hidup.